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G3D Systems Portable CMMs:
(Articulated Arm CMM devices/3D Digitizers)

List of all WD firmware and software available for download. As a small screw driver. If using the GT-DM enter the programming mode and select Programming in the menu. The In-Use LED will blink for approximately 6-15 seconds, then remain lit solid. After the In-Use LED is lit solid, press and release the talk button on the first tenant station. You should have hands-free communication between.

GHOST 3D is a CMM solutions developer, distributor, and direct provider of state-of-the-art CMM and 3D capture solutions for modeling, metrology, and reverse engineering. We offer many portable CMMs, digitizer systems and integrated software solutions including (but not limited) to those listed below.
Precision 3D digitizers can work directly with your favorite 3D applications
(3ds max®, Autodesk VIZ®, Inventor®, Solidworks®, and others using various integrated softwares and plug-in solutions that we integrate as a system (contact us for current compatibilities, availability subject to change).

Gamma Technologies offers you fast and easy updates for your GT-SUITE products. These downloadable software updates are typically released about every 2-3 months. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will send important news about GTSystem straight through to you. Note: please make sure that all information filled for successful subscription.

MicroScribe portable CMMs and solutions:
MicroScribe Solutions™ distributor and developer
MicroScribe is a desktop CMM solution, available in a variety of sizes and accuracy configurations. With GHOST 3D's MicroScribe Solutions™ you can capture physical 3D data accurately and efficiently inside popular 3D applications (3ds max®, Maya®, Autodesk VIZ®, AutoCad®, Inventor® and more...). GHOST 3D integrates MicroScribe digitizers with a growing library of advanced 3D capture, measurement, and inspection functions. We ship worldwide / factory-direct.

Gt systems driversLearn more about the MicroScribe portable CMM/3D digitizer devices (click here).
• Microscribe G2X, G2XL (standard graphics series, 50', or 66' working volume)
• Microscribe 6G2X, 6G2XL (modified 6-DOF 6-Degrees of Freedom, 50' or 66' working volume)
• Microscribe MX / MX (50' working volume, accuracy up to ±0.002' in.** / 6-DOF available)
• MicroScribe MLX / 6MLX (66' working volume, accuracy up to ±0.003' in.** / 6-DOF version available)
• Microscribe X (96'/2.5m working volume, accuracy up to ±0.00047' in./0.012mm Eff. Diam)
Discontinued (ask about high end CMMs that exdeed 1/1000 of inch precision).
Order MicroScribe Solutions™ here.
Note: Specify 6-DOF Spinning Stylus (6-axis) model or Basic 5-DOF (5-axis)model.

GHOST 3D provides software integration for both New X, MX, G2 series and legacy MicroScribe 3D, 3DX, 3DL, 3DLX legacy products (see Software Integration below).

FaroArm portable CMMs and solutions:
GHOST 3D is authorized as a FARO solutions partner.
We offer a range of FaroArm portable CMM and 3D digitizing solutions for reverse engineering, simulation, inspection, and 3D digitizing.

Gt Systems Inc

With GHOST 3D's FaroArm Solutions™ such as Scribe-iT and Power Digitizer Pack, you can capture physical 3D data accurately and efficiently inside your favorite 3D application (3ds max®, Design, Autodesk VIZ®, Solidworks® and others). FaroArm systems are available in a variety of sizes and accuracy configurations.Driver
Learn more about Faro products and FaroArm devices by contacting us here.
• FaroArm Platinum, Fusion, Titanium, & Advantage portable CMMs
(4ft.-12ft. working volumes, advanced GHOST 3D solutions available)
• FARO Gage and FARO Gage Plus (48' work volume, contact probe metrology system only)
• FARO ScanArm (Laser Probe mounted to probe-based CMM)

Gt Systems Driver Training

Order FARO products here.
Note: When ordering GHOST 3D's FaroArm Systems, please specify (1) model or accuracy required, (2) 6 or 7 axis, and (3) 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, or 12 ft working volume or diameter, and (4) type of probe(s) required.
GHOST 3D provides software integration for most FaroArm products (see Software Integration below).

Software Integration:
Supported GHOST 3D CMM systems can be configured for integrated use with many 3D software products. GHOST 3D also provides powerful productivity tools for specialized functions with the 3D input device. Solutions include select software integration, Scribe-iT DCC, Scribe-iT CAD, Power Digitizer Pack, and other software solutions for select systems and applications. Additional GHOST 3D software and custom software tools are optionally available upon request.
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