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12/14/2021by admin

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Garmin Drivers Update

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Garmin Driver Update Windows 10


Garmin Usb Driver Download

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Garmin Gps Drivers Windows 10


Garmin Nuvi Driver

Long story short -
My Garmin GPS MAP 60CS will not communicate with Garmin MapSource City Select V7.0 on my system. The system is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64.
I have tried all USB ports with the same result. Either nothing happens when I first plug in and turn on the GPS device, or, if the 60CS has never been plugged into the particular USB port, I get the popup 'Device driver software was not successfully installed'
Whether or not I get this message, when I attempt to transfer data to/from the GPS device from MapSource, it is not automatically detected, and when I click the Find Device button, I get a popup with the message: No devices found...
All other USB devices are functioning in all USB ports, so I know there is not a hardware problem.
This GPS device was working properly at one time, and it works properly on another computer, which is running Windows XP SP3, so I know that the GPS is not defective.
I attempted a system restore, thinking that the recent install of another USB device caused the problem, but this had no effect.
I tried booting into another install of the same OS (I have dual-boot on the system), but it did not work there either - same error messages.
Next, I re-installed Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 in the 2nd boot of the dual-boot system, did not allow any Windows updates - and re-installed the Garmin MapSource City Select 7.0 software. Now the GPS device is able to transfer data to/from the PC.
I believe this is evidence that something - Windows update, or other software install updated the Windows native USB driver, and doing this it cannot recognize the old USB device (the GPS MAP 60CS).
Note that when installing MapSource software, I never allow the installation of the older Garmin USB drivers - I have read the warnings about this causing BSOD, and I have had this experience.
When the 60CS is working properly, it is with the native Windows USB driver, not the Garmin driver.
As for the still non-functional USB communication on the 'primary' Windows install, I may just leave it alone, and just switch to the 'second' boot when I want to use this device.
But I would really like to know what is going on here.
System specs:
MSI P67A mobo
Intel i5 2500 @ 3.4Ghz
8GB DDR3 SDRAM @ 1600Mhz
BFG NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB
Total of 1.5TB HDD capacity on SATA
Cooler Master 600W PSU
Thanks for your help.
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