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Driver installation (Using Windows 7 as an example) Turn on your PC power and boot Windows 7. When your CIU-2 is connected to the USB port on your PC, 'Installing device driver software' appears on the screen. However, the 'Device driver software was not successfully installed' appears on the screen next. Therefore, install the CIU-2 drivers as.

Product #: 010-0152-00

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  • Futaba Radios, Receivers, and Servos We carry a wide assortment of Futaba RC radios (transmitters), receivers, and servos. Futaba offers transmitters for every RC Pilot from beginners just looking to get started to advanced pilots with high-end jets and helicopters.
  • Driver (Serial In-Parallel Out) Driver of this type has built-in shift register and latch. It is commonly used for static drive VFD, high voltage drive VFD or VFD with large number of ports of display. Top of the Page.
  • Futaba T6 EX (FF-6) Futaba T7 C (FF-7) Futaba T8 FG; Futaba T10; Futaba T12; Futaba T14 MZ; JR 12x; JR XG 14 - X.BUS; Graupner MX 16 HOTT; VBar Downloads. Software V5.3; Manuals; Driver download; Customer downloads; VBar Videos.
  • The operating channels of the Futaba S.BUS decoder SBD-1 can be set and changed from a PC by using this software. Since the Futaba CIU-2 USB adapter and power supply (4.86V battery) and Y-harness (or S.BUS hub) are necessary, procure them beforehand and place into the state in which the CIU-2 is operated properly from the PC.

Knowledge is Power!

Maybe you want to know the voltage of your onboard battery(s), the RPM the motor is turning or the temperature of your ESC. In this day and age R/C is not just one way communication anymore. Traditional radio systems just transmit signals to the receiver, but Telemetry-capable systems also send real-time data from your model back to your transmitter. The S.BUS2 Telemetry Link was developed based on communication protocol disclosed from Futaba for use with specific Futaba S.BUS2 radios and compatible Castle Creations ESCs. Telemetry data can be displayed on the transmitter screen, or notify you when a defined threshold is exceeded, (battery voltage, ESC temperature, etc.) you can configure a vibration or sound alert from the radio.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Why should I integrate Telemetry into my models?

Driver Futaba

Telemetry has the potential not only to improve the safety of our models by monitoring battery voltages, ESC temperature, and other critical parameters, but it also creates other opportunities to get even more fun out of flying because it reduces the risk of “unknown” inevitable crashes. Think of the benefits to be had from alarms that will sound to warn you if your ESC is running hot or if your receiver battery is running unexpectedly low.

Exactly how does the Castle Telemetry Link integrate into my models?
First and foremost, we need to review essential compatibility parameters.
Please check our Radio Compatibility Chart to verify your transmitter and receiver will work with the Telemetry Link for Futaba S.Bus2.

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