Fusion-io Driver

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Fusion-io Driver
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Please note that this article / this category refers either on older software / hardware components or is no longer maintained for other reasons.
This page is no longer updated and is purely for reference purposes still here in the archive available.

Fusion Io Driver Not Loaded

What driver is needed for Fusion-io ioDrive devices? LVM on Fusion IO drives does not get activated at boot time. A Linux kernel module, or device driver, for Virident flash storage devices has not yet been provided under an Open Source license, such as the GPL, to enable Red Hat to distribute it with the Linux Kernel. Therefore, it must be obtained as a third-party driver from the vendor for. The Fusion-io storage memory platform significantly reduces latency and improves the processing capabilities within a datacenter by relocating active data from centralized storage to the server where it is processed.

With the fio-status tool you can display a wealth of information for a Fusion-io ioDrive Show. Here we will illustrate some output examples.


Following is a fio-status output display without additional parameters:

fio-status -d

By using the -d option, you can view how many files were written on the ioDrive to date (or how many files were read):

fio-status -a

By using the -a option, you can see all available information on the ioDrive:

Fusion-io drivers

I/O Performance of Hard Disks with SSDs and Fusion-io ioDrive

Dell Fusion Io Driver

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