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Dec 15, 2005 The new W-Client USB.11g comes standard with drivers for Windows 2000 and XP, but also for Windows CE for versions 4.2 and 5.0. International sales manager for Funkwerk Enterprise. JUNGHANS MEISTER DRIVER JUNGHANS MAX BILL JUNGHANS MAX BILL MEGA JUNGHANS FORM JUNGHANS FUNK & SOLAR Shop service. Care & Information Instruction manual Catalogue.

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In our Aerotrek light-sport aircraft we use the ATR833-OLED radio, TRT800H-OLED transponder-encoder, and PM1000II intercom. In our experience, this is the very best equipment for our aircraft. The Funkwerk Avionics radio and transponder OLED displays have a high-tech look and provide great visibility in all lighting conditions.
The ATR833-OLED radio has the 'dual watch' feature (so the standby frequency can also be monitored) which is very useful and improves safety in many situations. The PM1000II is a great intercom with separate volume and squelch controls, so each person can makes adjustments to have what works best for him -- and with the PM1000II intercom when one person talks only that one mic goes 'hot' which minimizes background noise (almost all other intercoms have at least twice as much background noise because with those other intercoms when one person talks both mics are hot).


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The TRT800H-OLED is a high-performance (250w) transponder with digital flip-flop control -- the pilot adjusts the standby squawk code and then pushes a button to switch the standby code to be the active code. This is much better than transponders that require you to adjust the active squawk code.
Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the 2.25' round radio and transponders is they use a minimum amount of panel space and they are installed without having to install a radio or transponder 'tray.' The TRT800H-OLED transponder has a built-in altitude encoder and is all self-contained -- which makes installation the easiest and quickest-possible.
The ATR833-OLED/TRT800H-OLED radio/transponder combination is top-quality German-manufactured equipment that is overall the best as well as the best-looking choice for our aircraft instrument panels.

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