Frontier Design 1394 Driver Download

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Ieee 1394 free download, and many more programs. Enjoy your downloaded entertainment anytime with your Frontier TV account. No internet access or data plan is needed to view a downloaded movie! When you have internet access, download nearly any video in the My Library section of the FrontierTV app. Then watch when you’re offline. This Windows driver version includes a small update to the ‘Pro Tools (HUI)’ control protocol. This download can also optionally install the latest, updated plug-ins for SONAR, Cubase, and Nuendo, and are documented below. Note: this installer includes support for 64-bit XP machines. Previous TranzPort Windows X64 Installer, v1.30b1.


Windows 7 includes 1394ohci.sys, a new IEEE 1394 bus driver that supports faster speeds and alternative media as defined in the IEEE-1394b specification. The 1394ohci.sys bus driver is a single (monolithic) device driver, implemented by using the kernel-mode driver framework (KMDF). The legacy 1394 bus driver (available in earlier versions of Windows) includes multiple device drivers that were implemented by using the Windows Driver Model (WDM) in a port/miniport configuration. The 1394ohci.sys bus driver replaces the legacy port driver, 1394bus.sys, and the primary miniport driver, ochi1394.sys.

The new 1394ohci.sys bus driver is fully backward compatible with the legacy bus driver. This topic describes some of the known differences in behavior between the new and the legacy 1394 bus driver.


The 1394ohci.sys driver is a system driver that is included in Windows. It is automatically loaded when you install a 1394 controller. This is not a redistributable driver that you can download separately.

I/O Request Completion

All I/O requests that are sent to the new 1394 bus driver return STATUS_PENDING because the 1394ohci.sys bus driver is implemented by using KMDF instead of WDM. This behavior differs from that of the legacy 1394 bus driver, in which certain I/O requests complete immediately.

A client driver must wait until I/O requests sent to the new 1394 bus driver are complete. You can provide an I/O completion routine that is called after the request is complete. The status of the completed I/O request is in the IRP.

Configuration ROM Retrieval

The new 1394 bus driver tries to use asynchronous block transactions at faster bus speeds to retrieve the contents of a node's configuration ROM. The legacy 1394 bus driver uses asynchronous quadlet reads at S100 speed—or 100 megabits per second (Mbps). The 1394ohci.sys bus driver also uses the values that are specified in generation and max_rom entries of the node's configuration ROM header to improve the retrieval of the remaining content of the configuration ROM. For more information about how the new 1394 bus driver retrieves the contents of a node's configuration ROM, see Retrieving the Contents of a IEEE 1394 Node's Configuration ROM.

IEEE-1394-1995 PHY Support

The 1394ohci.sys bus driver requires a physical layer (PHY) that supports IEEE-1394a or IEEE-1394b. It does not support a PHY that supports IEEE-1394-1995. This requirement is due to the 1394ohci.sys bus driver's exclusive use of short (arbitrated) bus resets.


A client driver can reference the device extension in the 1394 bus driver associated with the physical device object (PDO) for the device that the client driver controls. This device extension is described by the NODE_DEVICE_EXTENSION structure. In 1394ohci.sys, this structure remains at the same location as in the legacy 1394 bus driver, but the nonstatic members of the structure might not be valid. When a client driver uses the new 1394 bus driver, they must make sure that the data accessed in NODE_DEVICE_EXTENSION is valid. The static members of NODE_DEVICE_EXTENSION that contain valid data are Tag, DeviceObject, and PortDeviceObject. All other members NODE_DEVICE_EXTENSION are nonstatic, which the client driver must not reference.

Gap Count Optimization

The default behavior of the 1394ohci.sys bus driver is to optimize the gap count when it finds only IEEE 1394a devices on the 1394 bus, excluding the local node. For example, if the system that is running 1394ohci.sys has a host controller that complies with IEEE 1394b but all devices on the bus comply with IEEE 1394a, then the new 1394 bus driver tries to optimize the gap count.

Gap count optimization occurs only if the 1394ohci.sys bus driver determines that the local node is the bus manager.

The 1394ohci.sys bus driver determines whether a device complies with IEEE-1394a by the speed setting in the node's self-id packet. If a node sets both of the bits in the speed (sp) field in the self-id packet, then 1394ohci.sys considers the node to comply with IEEE-1394b. If the speed field contains any other value, then 1394ohci.sys considers the node to comply with IEEE-1394a. The gap count value that is used is based on table E-1 in the IEEE-1394a specification, which provides the gap count as a function of hops. The 1394ohci.sys bus driver does not compute the gap count. You can change the default gap count behavior by using a registry value. For more information, see Modifying the Default Behavior of the IEEE 1394 Bus Driver.


Device Driver Interface (DDI) Changes

In Windows 7, the 1394 DDIs were changed to support faster speeds as defined by the 1394b specification and improved to simplify the development of 1394 client drivers. For more information about the general DDI changes that the new 1394 bus driver supports, see Device Driver Interface (DDI) Changes in Windows 7.

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Click here for older version Drivers, Plug-ins, and Documentation.


TranzPort Macintosh Installer v1.4.2

v1.4 2007-04-11 - 1.4MB
TranzPort Driver and Support Application Installer. Includes support for iTunes and additional Pro Tools features. This version supports the Universal Binary format used in the new Intel-based Macs. This update is necessary for Logic 7.2 or later regardless of Mac CPU. NOTE: Can only be used with Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, including Leopard and Snow Leopard!

TranzPort Macintosh Installer v1.4.3

v0 2010-10-08 - 1.5MB
(Updated to support 32 or 64-Bit kernel) TranzPort installer for use on Macintosh OSX v10.6 and v10.7(Snow Leopard and Lion only).

TranzPort Windows 32/64-bit Installer v1.5.0

v1.5 2009-11-13 - 1.28MB
This latest TranzPort Windows installer is for 32/64 bit XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Includes SONAR, Cubase and Nuendo plug-ins.


Adobe Audition 2.0 Plug-In

v1 2007-03-23 - 205KB
Adobe Audition 2.0 control surface plug-in for TranzPort, includes Documentation. Also works in Audition 3. Note: This plug-in is not compatable with Audition 1.5.

Alesis HD24 Control Applet

v1.03 2006-02-14 - 228KB
This applet, and documentaion allows TranzPort to control an HD24 connected via MIDI to the host computer. Does not support multiple HD24’s.

Cubase SX/Nuendo 3 and later Plug-in

v1.05 2007-02-12
This Windows plug-in is installed as part of the v1.4.4 driver installer.

Cubase SX/Nuendo 3 and later Plug-in

v1.05 2007-02-12 - 171KB
*This plug-in currently will NOT work with Cubase’s 64-Bit mode but may work in 32-Bit mode.This plug-in update includes some small features and bug fixes. It works with Cubase SX/SL v3-4-5 and Nuendo v3-4-5.

Cubase/Nuendo 64-Bit plug-in

v1.05 2009-02-05 - 56KB
This plug-in is for using TranzPort in Native mode with 64-Bit versions of Cubase and Nuendo. Copy this dll file into the Components folder of the appropriate version of Cubase or Nuendo. ex. CProgram FilesSteinbergCubase4Components

Digital Performer Plug-in v1.05 for Intel based Macs

v1.05 2006-10-22 - 124kb
Digital Performer Universal Binary control surface plug-in for TranzPort with Documentation. This is for use with DP5.1 and later on Intel Macs. Version 1.05 is functionally the same as v1.04, use version 1.04 for PowerPC DP versions.

Digital Performer Plug-in v1.04 for PPC based Macs

v1.04 2006-02-08 - 136KB
Digital Performer control surface plug-in for TranzPort with Documentation. Version 1.04 remaps three function keys to avoid conflict with OS X 10.4 Exposé function keys. For DP PowerPC versions, prior to 5.1.

GarageBand Plug-in BETA v0.2

v0.2 2008-01-11 - 105KB
This is a PUBLIC BETA plug-in for GarageBand. It has been tested with GarageBand v4.1.1. Please also download and review the two GarageBand documents below for installation and use information. Please share any bug and feature request information on the ‘GarageBand Plug-in BETA’ thread on the TranzPort forum.

Logic 7.2 Plug-In

v0 2006-03-09 - 643KB
This Control Surface Plug-In file is for Logic 7.2 or later only. This file is normally installed automatically by the Logic 7.2 Installer. If you get a TranzPort out-of-date error message when opening Logic you may need to manually update this file and MUST remove any previous instances of it.

Roland VS-2480 Control Applet

v1 2006-06-07 - 185KB
This applet and documentation allows TranzPort to control a Roland VS-2480 connected via MIDI to the host computer.

Sonar 32-Bit TranzPort plug-in

v1.35 2009-02-23 - 182KB
NOTE: For TranzPort users trying to use Sonar 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions on the same partition, this plug-in also includes a Read_Me_First.doc file that gives you step by step instructions on how to get both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions of Sonar to recognize your TranzPort on your 64-Bit machine. Includes instructions for XP and Vista.

SONAR v1.3.1 Plug-in Installer (for 64-bit SONAR only)

v1.31 2006-09-15 - 463KB
64-bit Windows version. Plug-in Version 1.3.1 adds support for new features introduced with SONAR 5.2 including stereo metering, improved Punch mode access, viewable Marker names and more. This version is for 64-bit SONAR only.

TranzPort Samplitude 15 plug-in

v0 2009-10-14 - 3KB
TranzPort (native) template file for Samplitude 15 users. All other versions of Samplitude should include this file already. It should be placed in the Magix ‘Controlpanels’ folder: (C:Program FilesMAGIXSamplitudeControlpanels).


Ableton Live Guide

v1 2006-07-25
Live_and_TranzPort.pdf - 65KB
Gude to using TranzPort with Ableton Live 5.2.1 and later

ACID Pro 6 Guide

v6 2006-04-17
ACID_Pro_6_and_TranzPort.pdf - 37KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Sony ACID Pro 6

ACID Pro 6 Layout

v6 2006-04-17
ACID_Pro_6_Layout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for Sony ACID Pro 6

Alesis HD24 Guide

v1 2006-02-14
TranzPort_HD24_Bridge.pdf - 25KB
Guide to using TranzPort with an Alesis HD24.

Alesis HD24 Layout

v1 2006-02-14
HD24_Layout.pdf - 63KB
Function layout for TranzPort when used to control an Alesis HD24.

Ardour 2.0 and TranzPort

v1 2007-07-09
Ardour_2.0_and_TranzPort.pdf - 45KB

Ardour Layout

v1 2007-07-09
Ardour_Layout.pdf - 54KB

Audition 1.5 Guide

v1 2005-03-16
Audition_1_5_TranzPort.pdf - 40KB
Using TranzPort with Audition version 1.5.

Audition 1.5 Layout

v1 2005-03-16
AuditionLayout.pdf - 62KB
Key mapping layout of TranzPort for use with Audition.

Audition 2.0 Guide

v1.02 2007-03-22
Audition_2.0_and_TranzPort.pdf - 41KB
Using TranzPort with Audition version 2.0.

Audition 2.0 Layout

v1.02 2007-03-22
Audition_2.0_Layout.pdf - 62KB
Key mapping layout of TranzPort for use with Audition 2.0.

Band-in-a-Box and TranzPort

v1 2007-01-12
BiaB_and_TranzPort.pdf - 192KB
A guide for how to set-up and use TranzPort with Band-in-a-Box 2007

Band-in-a-Box Layout

v1 2007-01-12
BiaB_Layout.pdf - 63KB
A single page reference sheet for working with Band-in-a-Box

Cubase (Mackie Control) Layout

v1 2005-03-16
Cubase_Mackie_Control.pdf - 65KB
Surface layout for using TranzPort with Cubase in Mackie Control mode.

Cubase SX-SL-LE Guide

v1 2005-03-16
Cubase_SX-SL-LE.pdf - 47KB

Cubase SX/Nuendo 3-4 Guide

v1.05 2007-02-12
Cubase_Nuendo4_Plugin105.pdf - 91KB
This document describes how to use TranzPort and the v1.05 plug-in for Cubase SX/Nuendo versions 3 and 4.

Cubase SX/Nuendo 3-4 Layout

v1.05 2005-07-15
Cubase-Nuendo_3_Layout.pdf - 66KB
TranzPort button mapping for the Cubase SX 3-4/Nuendo 3-4 plug-in.

Digital Performer 4 Read Me

v1 2005-03-16
DP4_ReadMe.pdf - 11KB
DP4 Installation notes.

Digital Performer Guide

v1.04 2006-02-09
DP4_TranzPort_v1_04.pdf - 48KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Digital Performer 4

Digital Performer Layout

v0 2006-02-09
DP_Layout_v1_04.pdf - 68KB
TranzPort button mapping for Digital Performer

DJ-1800 Guide

Frontier Design 1394 Driver Download

v1 2007-11-28
DJ-1800_v3_and_TranzPort.pdf - 266KB
Guide to setting up and using TranzPort with DJ-1800 v3.0

DJ-1800 Layout

v1 2007-11-28
DJ-1800_Layout.pdf - 64KB
Single page graphic summary of DJ-1800 controls with TranzPort.

FL Studio 6 Guide

v1 2006-06-09
FLStudio_and_TranzPort.pdf - 124KB
Guide to setting up and using TranzPort with FL Studio 6

FL Studio 6 Layout


v1 2006-06-09
FLStudio6_Layout.pdf - 63KB
TranzPort button mapping for FL Studio 6

GarageBand Guide BETA

v0.2 2009-01-20
GarageBand_and_TranzPort.pdf - 94KB
Guide to setting up and using TranzPort with GarageBand version 4 and later. (Limited functionality with GarageBand 3.)

GarageBand Layout

v0.2 2008-01-11
GarageBand_Layout.pdf - 56KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with GarageBand.

Guitar Tracks Pro Guide

v1 2005-06-08
GuitarTracksPro.pdf - 81KB
Using TranzPort with Guitar Tracks Pro.

Guitar Tracks Pro Layout

v1 2005-06-08
GuitarTracksLayout.pdf - 65KB
Key mapping layout of TranzPort for use with Guitar Tracks Pro.

iTunes Guide v1.30

v1.3 2006-04-14
iTunes_and_TranzPort_v1.30.pdf - 174KB
User gude for controlling iTunes with TranzPort

iTunes Layout v1.30

v1.3 2006-04-14
iTunes_v1.30_Layout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with iTunes.


Logic 7 Guide

v1 2005-03-16
Logic7_TranzPort.pdf - 11KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Logic 7.

Logic 7 Layout

v1 2005-03-16
Logic_Layout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with Logic 7.

Metro 6.3 Guide

v0 2006-04-27
Metro_6.3_and_TranzPort.pdf - 81KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Sagantech’s Metro 6.3

Metro 6.3 Layout

v0 2006-04-27
Metro_Layout.pdf - 63KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with Sagentech’s Metro 6.3

MultitrackStudio 4 Guide

v1 2009-01-20
MultitrackStudio_4.pdf - 41KB
Setup and user guide for TranzPort and MultitrackStudio 4

MultitrackStudio 4 Layout

v1 2007-05-25
MutitrackStudio_Layout.pdf - 55KB
TranzPort button mapping for MultitrackStudio 4

Pro Tools Control Surfaces and TranzPort

v1 2005-07-08
ProTools_Control_Surfaces.pdf - 20KB
Important information about using TranzPort with another control surface in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools Guide v1.30

v1.3 2006-04-14
Pro_Tools_and_TranzPort_1.3.pdf - 84KB
Guide to using TranzPort with ProTools. Added features include Big Meter mode, track and marker scrolling, zooming and more.

Pro Tools Layout v1.30

v1.3 2006-04-14
Pro_Tools_1.3_Layout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with Pro Tools

Reaper Guide

v1 2007-07-10
Reaper_1_0_and_TranzPort.pdf - 40KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Reaper 1.0.

Reaper Layout

v1 2007-07-10
Reaper_Layout.pdf - 65KB
Graphic layout of button mappings when using TranzPort with Reaper.

Reason 3 Guide

v1 2005-07-11
Reason_and_TranzPort.pdf - 75KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Reason

Reason 3 Layout

v1 2005-07-11
Reason_3_Layout.pdf - 65KB
Default TranzPort button mappings for Reason 3.0.3

Recording with SONAR’s Layers

v0 2006-03-09
Recording_with_SONAR_Layers.pdf - 42KB
This document describes a method for loop recording using the TranzPort and SONAR’s ‘layers’ feature.

Roland VS-2480 Guide

v1 2006-06-07
VS2480_Users_Guide.pdf - 23KB
Guide to using TranzPort with a Roland VS-2480 hard disk recording system.

Roland VS-2480 Layout

v1 2006-06-07
VS2480_Layout.pdf - 63KB
Function layout for TranzPort when used with a Roland VS-2480

Samplitude 8.3 Guide


v0 2006-04-26
Samplitude_and_TranzPort.pdf - 48KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Magix Samplitude 8.3

Samplitude 8.3 Layout

v0 2006-04-26
Samplitude_Layout.pdf - 63KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with Samplitude 8.3

SAWStudio Guide

v1 2008-02-05
SAWStudio.pdf - 38KB
Detailed description for setting up and using TranzPort with SAWStudio.

SAWStudio Layout

v1 2005-06-08
SAWStudioLayout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with SAWStudio.

SONAR Guide v1.3.3

v1.3 2007-02-19
SONAR_and_TranzPort_v1.3.3.pdf - 84KB
This document describes how to use TranzPort with SONAR. This version of the SONAR plug-in is optionally installed as part of the v1.4.1 driver.

SONAR Layout v1.3.3

v1.3 2006-02-10
SONAR_Layout_v1_26.pdf - 66KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with SONAR 4.0 and later. ( will work with some earlier versions although some features may not be available). This layout is identical to v1.26.

Tracktion 2.1 Guide

v0 2006-04-24
Tracktion_2.1_and_TranzPort.pdf - 66KB
Guide to using TranzPort with Mackie’s Tracktion 2.1.

Windows Xp 1394 Driver Download

Tracktion 2.1 Layout

v0 2006-04-24
Tracktion_Layout.pdf - 65KB
TranzPort button mapping for use with Mackie’s tracktion 2.1.

TranzPort Binding Guide

v1 2005-10-27
TranzPort_Binding.pdf - 195KB
This one page guide shows you how to bind a TranzPort remote and USB interface if they are not linking.

TranzPort Native Protocol

v1 2005-03-16
TranzPort_Native_1_3.pdf - 133KB
TranzPort Native Mode Interface Description

Frontier Design 1394 Driver Download Windows 7

TranzPort Quick Start

1394 Host Controller Driver Download

v1 2005-03-16
TranzPort_Quick_Start.pdf - 49KB
Installation instructions and basic setup information for TranzPort.

TranzPort User's Guide

v1 2005-03-16
TranzPort_Users_Guide.pdf - 207KB
This Userís Guide provides detailed information about setting up and using the TranzPort wireless DAW controller.

Vegas 7 Guide

Frontier Design 1394 Driver Download 64-bit

v1 2007-01-09
Vegas_7_and_TranzPort.pdf - 43KB
A guide to setting up and using TranzPort with Vegas 7.

Vegas 7 Layout

v1 2007-01-09
Vegas_7_Layout.pdf - 65KB
Single page overview of the Vegas/TranzPort control mapping.

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