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Mobileye, an Intel company, was launched in 1999 with the belief that vision-safety technology will make our roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and save lives. With a cutting edge team of more than 1,700 employees, Mobileye has developed a range of software products that is deployed on a proprietary family of computer chips named EyeQ®.

Mobileye is a leading supplier of software that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), with more than 25 automaker partners including some of the world’s largest. Beyond ADAS, our technology has rapidly evolved to also support the three pillars of Autonomous Driving – Sensing, Mapping, and Driving Policy. As a result of this broad and well-advanced product offering, we have achieved a partnership to develop production-ready Fully Autonomous Vehicles with BMW and Intel, with production launch planned for 2021, and another partnership with the Tier-1 supplier Delphi for a “turnkey” system to be productized starting from 2019 with customer OEMs.

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We are dedicated to continuing our two-decade tradition of leveraging the newest technology, including AI, deep learning and crowdsourcing, to create the hardware and software needed to help our over 25 OEMs partners enable ADAS systems and eventually fully autonomous vehicles. These partners choose Mobileye due to our track-record of innovation, but also because our systems have been validated to the highest level of safety and accuracy over millions of miles.

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Inspired by Human Vision
Mobileye’s strength comes in part from our early realization that a single-lensed camera (mono-camera) would become the primary sensor to support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and eventually Autonomous Vehicles. The mono-camera is the most versatile of sensing technologies, with the ability to identify shapes, like vehicles and pedestrians, as well as textures, like lane markings and traffic-sign text. This realization marked a revolutionary leap in the market, as sensors like dual-lensed cameras (stereo-vision) and radar were previously regarded as superior. Today, most global automakers have chosen mono-vision as the primary information source for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and Mobileye continues to lead innovation in the field.


“The Mobileye mono-camera was inspired by human vision, which only uses both eyes to obtain depth perception for very short distances,” says Amnon Shashua, co-founder, chairman and CTO of Mobileye. “Therefore, the added benefit of a second camera lens is only relevant for short distances. Driving-scene interpretation is based on much longer distances. All depth-perception cues for farther distances – such as perspective, shading, texture, and motion cues, that the human visual system uses in order to understand the visual world – are interpreted by a single eye. Therefore, Mobileye understood that a single-lens camera could be the primary sensor to enable autonomous driving.”


Mobileye’s vision safety technology for ADAS is deployed on over 40 million vehicles and counting, making today’s roadways safer for all. We work closely with global automakers to continuously deploy advancements in safety and convenience. Over the next several years, as more stringent safety regulations are implemented in major markets, it is expected that the percentage of newly-produced vehicles that include ADAS will increase.

Building on ADAS products like Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Assistance, that form the building blocks for higher level autonomous vehicles, Mobileye is now using the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to deploy 360-degree surround-view mono-vision sensing; to build high-definition, crowdsourced maps; and to provide vehicles with the computer intelligence required to negotiate complex driving situations. We believe that these technologies, along with important technological inputs developed by our automaker and supplier partners, can eventually result in a world where vehicle injuries and fatalities can be reduced by a very significant amount.

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Mobileye was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014 following the largest-ever IPO of an Israeli company in the United States. Mobileye has won many awards. Most recently, MIT Technology Review ranked Mobileye #6 Smartest Company in 2016.

In 2017, Intel Corporation acquired Mobileye. Together, Intel and Mobileye will make autonomous driving a reality. We have the collective depth and breadth of experience, talent, technology, and resources to deliver safe and scalable AV solutions.

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To view Mobileye’s ISO 9001 certificate, please click here.

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