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Enterasys Driver Download Windows 10

Enterasys is a well-established brand that has proven itself with its products and has always gained an important place in the network. This article will show you how to install new firmware on switches that have crashed or are inaccessible.

First of all, I would like to mention that Enterasys was purchased by Extreme Network. Therefore technical support is now provided by Extreme Network.

Before starting the process, we need the firmware software by entering the link below and make the necessary membership process can be obtained.

Alternatively, putty can be used.

In the method described here, the necessary installation will be performed by using XMODEM over COM PORT. You can apply the results in C5-Series, C3-Series, C2-Series, B5-Series, B3-Series, B2-Series, A4-Series, A2-Series switches.

If you don’t have a standard console cable and a built-in COM port, you need a USB-rs232 converter. Tera Term, which is a software that I will carry out as software, will see more of our work.

If you follow the steps in order, first download the Tera Term application and install it on your computer. Once installed, connect your computer to the switch’s console connection with the USB com converter.

Open the Tera Term application and select Serial from the New connection window and select the corresponding COM port from the Port section.

Enterasys driver download pcEnterasys

After that, energize the Switch and watch it switch on from Tera Term. When the menu below appears, enter “2“ basın and press enter. If you lose time and miss this menu, turn off the power of the switch and turn on the power again.