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Elo makes it easy for customers to quickly create and deploy self-service solutions. Designed as a modular, enterprise-ready platform – simply select a stand, touchscreen and Elo Edge Connect™ accessories. Choose from our modular system – stands, displays, and edge connect accessories. Elo makes touchscreen displays, monitors, computers and components. Elo has over 25 million touchscreens installed worldwide. Refer to technical specifications on the Elo website Touching the screen will bring the attached host PC out of SLEEP mode (similar to moving the mouse or pressing a keyboard key). To improve reliability and reduce wasteful power consumption, disconnect the AC power cable from the monitor.

Elo backs every Elo touchscreen product and solution, before and after the sale.


Technical Support
Addresses questions on drivers (installing, removing, supporting files), hardware (screens, monitors, controllers, peripherals) as well as troubleshooting procedures and general system issues.

Download Drivers
Touchscreen drivers, driver packs for touchcomputers, peripheral drivers, other related files.

Elo Touch Mice & Touchpads drivers download

Product Documentation
User guides, product manuals, technical papers, and product bulletins.


Customer Service and Sales Support
Product selection assistance, order management and warranty info.

E-Services Web Site
Warranty status, request return for repair authorization (RMA), view catalog/purchase on-line, view forms and information, reset password or send feedback.

Customer Care Form
Comment on our products, policies, personnel, or web site.

Worldwide Service
Elo’s global warranty program allows the purchase of our products in one location, but service near where the product is used. Use this map to select your region from our extensive network of service and repair centers.

Elo touch mice & touchpads driver windows 7

If you have a serial touchmonitor and your computer system only has a USB port, there are two methods to solve this problem.

The best solution is to purchase an add-in serial port card; they are offered in a range of prices and quality and can be purchased from several vendors. When purchasing an add-in serial port card, we recommend that the serial ports be true UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) devices. Typically this will be denoted in the product specification as a UART 16550. Beware of products that claim UART compatible or 16550 compatible.

Elo mouse touch driver windows 10

Another solution is to use a USB to serial converter to add serial ports to a system, but we have found that the majority of these devices do not function well with a data-intensive device such as an Elo touchmonitor. Some USB to serial converters simply do not work with Elo touchmonitors; others may work with Windows 2000 and XP but not with earlier operating systems (or vice versa). We have also found that models and availability are constantly changing. Elo does not recommend using USB to serial adaptors with its products, and cannot offer technical support if such devices are used.

Elo Touch Mice & Touchpads Drivers Download

When using a USB to serial converter, you must use the serial touchscreen driver; serial drivers are available on the Driver and File Downloads page.


Elo Touch Mice & Touchpads Drivers

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