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TBS6983 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card 1. TBS6983 windows driver for TBS6983 is upgraded to V1.0.0.7, which fixes the problem that switch tuner B go wrong with crazycat. Imaging PVR v.7.3 TV card software / TV tuner software- takes over TV card on computer. Install TV card driver. Connect the TV cards type DVB-T for Freeview / DTT or DVB-S for satellite to aerial / satellite dish and computer. Open Imaging PVR.

Category:Graphics and Video
OS: Windows
File Size:
Release: 18 Apr 2007
Update: 19 May 2008
Filename: 1027.rar
Brand:Twinhan, Product:Graphics and Video, Model: AD-SP200, Driver:, OS: Windows. Twinhan DVB-S AD-SP200(1027) TV Card Driver was collected from Twinhan official site for Twinhan Graphics and Video. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from Twinhan are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server download.opendrivers.com, download1.opendrivers.com, or dl2.opendrivers.com. Besides, Both the driver developer's home page and driver download and support page be provided as well in my Twinhan page.
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110272007-05-09 09:33:04
21027/88xastream.cat2007-03-21 12:28:065.6Kb
31027/88XAStream.inf2007-01-18 17:28:301.4Kb
41027/88xAStream.sys2007-01-18 17:57:1675.2Kb
51027/88xaxbar.cat2007-03-21 12:28:045.6Kb
61027/88XAxbar.inf2007-03-20 14:18:561.1Kb
71027/88XAxbar.sys2007-01-18 17:51:125Kb
81027/88xbdacap.cat2007-03-21 12:28:045.1Kb
91027/88xBDACap.inf2007-01-18 17:28:541.2Kb
101027/88XBDACap.sys2007-01-18 17:42:1010.4Kb
111027/88xbdair.cat2007-03-21 12:28:045.1Kb
121027/88XBDAIR.inf2007-01-18 17:29:041.4Kb
131027/88XBDAIR.sys2007-01-18 17:39:087.1Kb
141027/88xbdatune.cat2007-05-03 12:56:365.2Kb
151027/88xBDATune.inf2007-01-18 17:29:162.7Kb
161027/88XBDATune.sys2007-04-18 21:52:1618.1Kb
171027/AMD642007-05-09 09:33:04
181027/AMD64/88xastream.cat2007-03-23 04:06:545.6Kb
191027/AMD64/88xAStream.sys2007-01-18 17:57:2888.6Kb
201027/AMD64/88xaxbar.cat2007-03-23 04:06:485.6Kb
211027/AMD64/88XAxbar.sys2007-01-18 17:50:486.3Kb
221027/AMD64/88xbdacap.cat2007-03-23 04:06:465.1Kb
231027/AMD64/88XBDACap.sys2007-01-18 17:41:5611.8Kb
241027/AMD64/88xbdair.cat2007-03-23 04:06:485.1Kb
251027/AMD64/88XBDAIR.sys2007-01-18 17:38:589.2Kb
261027/AMD64/88xbdatune.cat2007-05-03 15:41:205.2Kb
271027/AMD64/88XBDATune.sys2007-05-03 13:43:4018.1Kb
281027/IA642007-05-09 09:33:04
291027/IA64/88XAStream.inf2006-10-23 17:37:561.4Kb
301027/IA64/88xAStream.sys2007-01-18 17:57:16152.2Kb
311027/IA64/88XAxbar.inf2006-10-23 17:38:081.1Kb
321027/IA64/88XAxbar.sys2007-01-18 17:50:1210.4Kb
331027/IA64/88xBDACap.inf2006-10-23 17:38:421.2Kb
341027/IA64/88XBDACap.sys2007-01-18 17:41:3225Kb
351027/IA64/88XBDAIR.inf2006-10-23 17:39:121.3Kb
361027/IA64/88XBDAIR.sys2007-01-18 17:38:4815.9Kb
371027/IA64/88xBDATune.inf2006-10-23 17:39:442.7Kb
381027/IA64/88XBDATune.sys2007-01-27 15:14:1045.6Kb
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DVB-S AD-SP200(1027) TV Card Driver
DVB-S AD-SP200(1027) TV Card Driver
Dvb Card Driver

Dvb S Tv Card Driver Download

Dvb Card Driver

Dvb Card Drivers

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