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Mini-spectrometer These mini-spectrometers consist of a HAMAMATSU image sensor, optical elements, and a driver circuit, all assembled together in a compact case. Distance sensor These modules are designed to measure distances to a refl ective sheet attached to the target object. ImagEM X2 EM-CCD camera: C9100-23B, ImagEM X2-1K EM-CCD camera: C9100-24B 557 KB/PDF. This is an ultra-compact Raman spectroscopic module that incorporates a 785 nm laser, a mini-spectrometer, compact optical system, and other Hamamatsu original technologies. Measurement with Raman light enhanced 1,000 to 1,000,000 times is possible by using the dedicated SERS substrate J13856-01.

Hamamatsu Mini Spectrometers and Peak® Spectroscopy Software

Operant LLC and Hamamatsu have partnered to provide Peak® the ability to collect data from their Mini Spectrometers. These instruments come in many models to support applications such as environmental monitoring, color measurements, and quality control.

Please visit Hamamatsu Mini Spectrometers for more information about the range of instruments that are available.

How to install the software

  • Install the Hamamatsu Evaluation Software. Hamamatsu will have provided a CD-ROM or a document titled 'Mini- and Micro-spectrometer Software Version and Download Site Reference Guide' with links to download the software appropriate for your instrument. By whichever method, this installs the device drivers that are needed to make the instrument operational on a computer.
  • Download and install Peak® Spectroscopy Software.
  • Download and install the Hamamatsu Data Collection Plugin for Peak®.
  • After installing the data collection plugin, follow these steps:
    1. In Peak®, expand the 'Instrument' toolbox.
    2. Choose the 'Select Instruments' Tool.
    3. Place a checkbox next to the Hamamatsu instrument you are using, USB1.1 or USB2.
    4. Click the 'Apply' button.
    5. Restart Peak®.

Choosing the Instrument to use

After restarting Peak®, select the 'Hamamatsu' Tool in the 'Instruments' toolbox. The tool looks like this:

Before collecting data the first time after the restart, click the 'Instrument' tab and then click the 'Choose Instrument' button. A list of the attached instruments will be displayed. Pick the instrument you want to use to collect spectra.

Collecting Spectra

HamamatsuDriver The buttons across the top are used to collect data from the instrument.
Collect a 'Dark' spectrum.
Collect a 'Reference' spectrum.
Collect a 'Sample' spectrum.
Repeatedly collect 'Sample' spectra.
Enter 'Monitor' mode.

The Parameter Tables

Below the data collection buttons is a row of tabs. Each tab contains a table of parameters used to control aspects of data collection


These options control the number of scans to collect and the available instrument settings.


Drivers These options control how the collected data is processed.


These options control how the collected data is saved to disk

Hamamatsu Camera Driver

Repeat Sampling

These options control the 'repeat sampling' mode.


Hamamatsu Micro Spectrometer

This table contains miscellaneous instrument functions.

Post-Processing & Analysis

Hamamatsu Driver Download

This options allow configuration of post-processing steps to be performed on sample spectra.
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