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The Dental Advisor Editor's Choice. If you are unsure of which driver(s). (Dentrix Image – 32 Bit OS). It is a printer driver that is installed during the upgrade and will add a line item within your list of printers. Using the Document Center Printer Driver. 33 MB 2, read the Document Center. You select it to C Drive Windows System32. To Dentrix in the enhanced Document Hub, Dentrix Document Center.

  1. Drivers Dentrix Dental Program
  2. Dentrix Dental Software Training

Be a more productive team and a more profitable practice.

Dentrix Overview Brochure

Dentrix gives you a platform for growth and profitability.

Dentrix G7 Feature Flyer

The new tools and functionality in Dentrix G7 help make your job easier and your practice more efficient.

Practice Development flyer

Dentrix Practice Development encompasses all of the aspects of training and coaching solutions and services for current Dentrix customers. To read more, click here.

Smart Image Feature Flyer

Dentrix Smart Image expands your ability to provide quality care by connecting your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow.

Improving Collections in Your Dental Practice

Proven techniques to get money off your books and into the bank.

Overseeing Insurance Claims

Keeping claims from slipping through the cracks.

Drivers Dentrix Dental

Understanding Insurance Eligibility

Making small changes to gain big results.

Business Analysis

Using data to gain insights and drive innovation.

Delivering Quality Patient Care and Improving Profits

Delivering quality patient care and improving profits.

Master the Metrics That Matter

A dentist’s guide to managing key performance indicators (KPIs) for greater productivity and efficiency.

Tracking Your Practice Productivity

In this eBook, you’ll learn the six steps to tracking (and therefore improving) your productivity with Dentrix.

Scheduling for Higher Efficiency, Production and Profit

In this eBook, learn how to reduce no-shows, cancellations and stress in your dental practice.

Increasing Production and Case Acceptance

Learn five keys for helping your patients choose the treatment plan that's best for them.

Maximizing Continuing Care in Your Dental Practice

Discover how to fill hygiene chairs, build patient loyalty and increase hygiene production.

Effective Insurance Management for Dentists

Effectively managing the insurance process, improving your cash flow, and growing patient loyalty.

Winning Lifetime Patients and Unending Referrals

Learn the tools for attracting and keeping patients – the expert tips for increasing referrals.

Thrive and Grow Overview

In this Overview, hear why over 30,000 practices rely upon and trust Dentrix to power their practices

Thrive and Grow Office Productivity

Dentrix helps you improve every aspect of your front office operations with powerful Integrated eServices™ that drive profitability

Thrive and Grow Clinical Productivity

Dentrix has best-in-class clinical charting that drives clinical productivity and efficiency

Thrive and Grow Business Productivity

Boost your bottom line with powerful business and profitability management tools that help you understand the financial health of your practice

Extend the Power of Dentrix

Dentists already depend on Dentrix to make their practice more profitable and productive; now, they can turn Dentrix G5 into an even more powerful solution by adding trusted, fully integrated applications and capabilities to their digital dental office.

Dentrix Webinars are a valuable resource for those considering Dentrix and for current customers. To access a webinar simply click on the Watch Now button, fill out the registration information and the webinar will begin.

Overseeing Insurance Claims

Keeping claims from slipping through the cracks.

Improving Collections in Your Dental Practice

Proven techniques to get money off your books and into the bank.

Understanding Insurance Eligibility

Making small changes to gain big results.

Business Analysis

Using data to gain insights and drive innovation.

Can Digital Workflow improve patient outcomes?

Let Dr. John Flucke, “Dentistry’s Technology Evangelist,” help you get the benefits of a digital workflow.

Winning Lifetime Patients and Unending Referrals

Up your game and start marketing your practice, or change the way you market it, to stay competitive.

Revenue Cycle Management: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Learn about tracking revenue from patients, from their initial appointment to the payment of the final balance. This webinar will go deep dive into the insurance portion of the equation.

Medical Billing: Your Key to Increased Case Acceptance

Much of what “general” dentistry is doing today is actually a medical procedure, learn how to bill it to medical insurance to lower out-of-pocket costs and reserve the precious dental benefits for basic dental procedures, your patients can say yes to the treatment they need.

Improving Collections in Your Dental Practice

As a Dentrix customer, if you are over burdened with collecting patient payments, your collection process may be broken. Learn effective workflows to ease your burden and increase revenues.

Improve Practice Profitability with the Right Card Payment Processing

Learn how your practice can become more profitable and efficient through an integrated card payment processing system.

Why Smart Image Helps

Dr. Butterman and his staff talk about what makes them special as a practice and how Dentrix Smart Image supports them and their patients every day.

Providing Quality Care in a Digital Office

Dr. Bill Busch talks about how using Dentrix as the backbone of his digital office helps him provide quality patient care.

The Need for Office Efficiencies For Profitability

Dr. Todd Snyder explains why it's necessary to have a digital dental office to increased practice efficiencies.

Managing a Business and Training Tools

Dr. Richard Fossum speaks on the importance of training and managing his business successfully with Dentrix.

Going Paperless and Reduced Practice Stress

Dr. Eva Hanna speaks on going to a paperless practice and improving office stress using Dentrix.

Managing a Profitable Practice and Using Business Tools

Dr. Tony Tomaro speaks about the day-to-day operations of running a profitable business with Dentrix.

Glowing Smiles Dental Case Study

Glowing Smile Dental Care, Arizona, uses Dentrix to grow their practice and to achieve efficiency, quality and productivity.

Drivers Dentrix Dental Program

Butterman Dental PC Case Study

Dr. Butterman uses the latest technology and the Dentrix platform to provide the best experience for his patients.

Dr. Gerald Bittner, Jr. Case Study

Dr. Bittner is staying on the leading edge of cosmetic dentistry with Dentrix and DEXIS to provide a truly integrated experience for his patients.

Dentrix Dental Software Training

Dentrix and our network of partners provide solutions to help you run your business as well as your practice.

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