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The TWAIN Working group does not make, provide, or distribute any scanners or drivers. Drivers should be obtained from the manufacturer of the particular scanner or digital camera you are interested in. Below are direct links to manufacturer websites. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Select the Hi-Speed USB Video Grabber option under USB Video Device and click next Now, within Dentrix Image, under the Utilities menu and Capture Device tab, select the camera called Dentrix ImageCam USB Click on the Camera tab to confirm that video is coming through.

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Dentrix Dental Software

More than 35,000 dental practices rely on Dentrix® practice management software. Dentrix leads the dental software market by providing solutions for both the clinical and business sides of your practice. Plus, Dentrix helps you build your practice with integrated eServices — innovative dental software that adds new capabilities to your system — and 'Dentrix Connected' products from top dental technology companies. You can equip your practice with Dentrix dental software now and enrich it for years to come with our growing network of partner products.

Dentrix software gives you unparalleled dental technology built specifically to improve your dental practice management. With industry-leading business, clinical and front office tools, including electronic prescriptions, electronic insurance claims, monthly business metrics, mobile computing, third-party products and more, our dental technology enables you and your team to improve patient care while growing your business.

Expand Your Care with Dentrix Smart Image

Dentrix Smart Image expands your ability to provide quality care by connecting your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow. When you acquire diagnostic images, Smart Image automatically associates them with the correct CDT codes for accurate billing, and displays them in the patient chart. Now the patient’s 2D and 3D images can be accessed without leaving Dentrix. Connecting the CDT codes with the images saves you time from manual entry and helps you get paid for the procedures you perform.

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Dentrix eServices™ boost your front office productivity with an integrated suite of software tools that allow your team to get more done in less time. Time-consuming tasks such as submitting insurance claims, sending appointment reminders, processing payments and updating patient records can be accomplished in less time with greater accuracy—without leaving Dentrix.

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Dentrix Practice Advisor gives your practice a monthly financial-health checkup and creates easy-to-read reports that show your practice’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities at a glance. You can easily track progress by comparing your current performance to previous monthly and year-to-date numbers. You can also create a Daily Huddle Report to keep your team focused on the daily tasks that impact both patient care and practice profitability.

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Trust 'Dentrix Connected' Products

Dentrix dental software

Dentrix Integrated Partners build Dentrix-friendly versions of their products that you can trust to work well with your dental office computer programs.

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Dentrix Mobile lets you quickly and securely access patient information from your smartphone or tablet, even after hours. While you’re out of the office you can review patient histories and medical alerts, verify prescriptions and insurance eligibility, manage appointments, and more.

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Dentrix and our network of partners provide solutions to help you run your business as well as your practice.



Iris HD Intraoral Camera

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Iris Intraoral Camera





Iris HD Intraoral Camera

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IRIS Installation Program

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If you are unsure of which driver(s) or utilities you may need, please search our Knowledge Base.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, you can contact technical support:
by Email
On our Support line 800-518-1102
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Iris HD Camera

Iris HD Installer

Drivers dentrix dental usb devices download

LuM HD Caries Detection Installer – Attachment for Iris HD

*Contact Digital Doc Technical Support for assistance

Iris 2.0 Camera

Iris 2.0 Installer

LuM Caries Detection Installer – Attachment for Iris 2.0 (32 Bit OS) – Manual Installation (Dentrix Image – 32 Bit OS) – Manual Installation×64 (64 Bit OS) – Manual Installation×64 (Dentrix Image – 64 Bit OS) – Manual Installation

EmpiaPnP Empia Plug and Play Utility

Miscellaneous Utilities

VideoView DirectShow (WDM) stream viewer (Syntek)

DXcpl DirectShow utility to disable Hardware Acceleration for DirectDraw.

AMcap DirectShow (WDM) stream viewer (Microsoft)

USBView Displays connected USB devices (Microsoft)

Joy_COM_FS_Test COM port and joystick signal tester

Joy_FS_Test Joystick only signal tester Executable file for restarting NET Service 1.02

usbdeview Extended info for all current and past USB devices (nirsoft)

USB Controller Manager Utility for disabling/enabling USB2 Power Management (JPetko)

Icon Camera (Black Dot)

Icon Black Dot Installer Automated installation (Most Software) – Video and VirtGP (Dentrix) – Video and VirtGP (32 Bit OS) – Video and VirtGP (64 Bit OS) – Video and VirtGP

3.0.0.X Virtual COM Port Only

Standalone Video and Capture Utility

EmpiaPnP Empia Plug and Play Utility

Icon Camera (Red Dot) (Adstra) – Video and VirtGP (Most Software) – Video and VirtGP (Dentrix) – Video and VirtGP (Most Software) – Video and PPJoy and COM Port

2.0.0.X Virtual COM Port Only

netsynpnp Syntek PnP Utility

Evolution USB Camera

USB_2860 (All Software)

Legacy Iris Drivers (Most Software) – Video and VirtGP (Dentrix) – Video and VirtGP (32 Bit OS) – Video and VirtGP (64 Bit OS) – Video and VirtGP (NOT recommended – Use

netemppnp Empia PnP Utility*

PnP_Fix_x86 Fix for PnP filter registration issue (32-bit)

PnP_Fix_x64 Fix for PnP filter registration issue (64-bit)

Legacy Setup Files

Drivers Dentrix Dental Usb Devices Wireless

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