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Insert the installation CD into your CD ROM drive and run the program 'setup.exe' by going to the start menu and running Setup.exe on the CD root directory. For first time users, Cypress recommends accepting the default option at each stage of the Setup.

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Drivers Cypress CD-ROM
Cypressat2lp rc42
rev. 2.4.1 03/16/09
linux @

The'cypress at2lp rc42' problem:
The more recent notes on this problem are at my wikipage. You will also find some links to pages in otherlanguages at my wiki page.
Several manufacturers make an external hard drive, CD Rom drive, or other peripheral that comes in an external 'box' utilizinga chip produced by 'Cypress.'
The Cypresschip works in conjunction with a programmable EEPROM (electricallyerasable programmable read-only memory)chip provided by the OEM manufacturer.* This chip contains theinformation your computer needs to identify and talk to the externaldrive. If you experience a powersurge, power failure, or justturn your external device off at the wrong moment, the EEPROM chip willlose its programming. Then, the external device won't workanymore.
(*This is according toa Cypress engineer who contacted me 3/16/09 requesting a correction tothis page. I originally referred to the problem chip as theCypress chip, but apparently the relevant information is stored in asecond chip added along side the Cypress chip.)

Instead, you will see this prompt: 'finding newhardware cypress at2lp rc42' prompt. This is how theunprogrammed external box identifies itself to your computer.
[continued after the warnings ...]
Warning! At least twofour people have reported to me that after a'successful'run of the program 'primer.exe' their computer no longer recognizedtheir external drive box at all (not even as 'cypress at2lp rc42)! Iimagine there maybe some way to 'reset' the PROM and try again, but not having access tothese drives, I do not know the answer!
Warning-- Seagate External Drives -- It appears that the abovewarningapplies to at least to Seagate drives. Email forwards ofSeagatetech support responses indicate they view the'Cypress' problem as adrive failure. If under warranty, they will offer to exchangethedrive and also will offer data recovery services for a fee. (Note, itseems likely the drive will work if you remove it from the external boxand put it in a computer or external box that is working.)! Forthe above reason, I personally would avoid Seagate external drives. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with Seagate drives,themselves -- and although I don't remember for sure, I think the driveI have in my own external box is actually a Seagate.
Warning -- Western Digital. I have had bad personalexperiencewith Western Digital drives, so I won't purchase them. Perhapstheir quality control has improved since my bad experiences, I don'tknow, but I had two drives that failed much more quickly than any otherdrives I have purchased.

[...continued fromtop.]
Unfortunately, your computer will not find an appropriate driver. So, your external device no longer functions.
Even worse, as far as I have been able to determine, the equipmentmanufacturers don't provide a 'help' solution for this problem. Because Cypress doesnot program the EEPROM or build the external drive you purchase, theirwebsite referseveryoneback to the equipment manufacturer.
The low-tech solution is to remove your device from theexternalbox and install it either inside a desktop computer or in a newexternal box. External USB boxes for hard drives, etc., canbepurchased online from various places for about US$25.00.
  • example: Andrew, from UK purchased a Freecom Classic SL USB 160 GBexternal drive. After loading his data on it, it failed the next day. He later bought a Navigator external USB drive case,put the 160 GB external drive in it, and it worked. TheNavigatorunit cost him UK£25.00. He's tried other drives in the Freecom external box, but theydon't work in the box either. He says the Freecom relied onsoftware that came with the unit, and he thinks the problem was in thesoftware. He says the Navigator didn't require anysupplementalsoftware, it was immediately recognized by his laptop computer.
There is also a software solution that works for some of us. Personally, I would not want to buy a new external boxeverytimethe EEPROM lost its programming, so I am fortunate the software worksforme.

PS to manufacturer andreseller tech support: I will be happy to link or host additionalsoftware and instructions if you care to provide them !!! We aregetting inquiries at this website from a large number of frustratedexternal drive users -- and I have received reports that some of youare actually sending your customers to this page ...

(I have also had a few inquirieslooking for at2LP RC58. Check this article at MvixUSA whichhas a 'dbflash' download for RC58. Ido not know if this is the same program I refer to in this article or adifferent version because I have nothing to test it on.) I have placed a copy of thisversion here, in caseit disappears from MvixUSA.

Hp cd rom driverDrivers Cypress CD-ROM

Cd Rom Driver

I have made the software available here, along with an explanation ofhow to bring a Cypress at2lp rc42 device back to life. I did not writethe software and you are presently reading absolutely everything I knowabout this Cypress problem. I found the software in a German languagetech forum. I copied the software here, as I had difficulty joining thetech forum and downloading the software. I also provided someinstructions in English.
The software is downloaded about 1000 times per month. Thesoftware worked for my external drive box. I have no ideawhetherit will work for yours.
At first, most of the emails I received said, 'thanks, it worked.' Now most of my emails are saying, 'help, it didn't work.' But, people who download the software usually do not write meatall, so I can't say how many find success.
Perhaps Cypress has changed the chip and the software, so it may bethat newer cypress-based external boxes can't be re-programmed by thissoftware.
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