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Change-Id: If81e4eb0b1691b9fbc0c3b277b4c4e Signed-off-by: Zhang Yunlong. use 'reboot rom-download' or 'reboot rockchip,rom-download' depending on how we try to deal with these. (Granted, non-upstream interfaces aren't official, so that is their risk somewhat, but we avoid being smug about that:) Or vendor specific modes require vendor specific translation in the kernel. Download RockChip on your PC (Download link are available). Save and extract. Install RKBatchTool exe on your computer. Download and Install ADB Driver. Open, RKBatchTool. Click FW Path (right side) 7. Select and added the firmware file, RockChip will load it. Turn Off your mobile or tablet.

Follow these steps - How to Install Rockchip USB Driver on Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 PC, if you want to install Rockchip device drivers with.exe file install. Download Driver: Windows 2000 (32 bit) Fuzhou Rockchip: 4.40.0000 Download Driver: Windows XP (32 bit) Fuzhou Rockchip. The United States and/or other.


Android Smart-Phones and Tablets (all models) Re-Flash Stock Rom Installation and Flash Guide use Rockchip Batch Tool application. This is also a quick guide for flash the all VEOLO 4K firmware file support device model. This method is known for emergency recovery in an event if fail boot or firmware corruption experienced on your VEOLO 4K file.

Follow Requirements:-

  1. Be careful Read steps by steps tutorial, then do it.
  2. Make a backup of your Android devices model (For backing up your massage, music, contacts, images, videos, apps, and others).
  3. Flash Your Android phone’s Firmware Package in .img format.
  4. Void the warranty of your device model.

How to flash use Rockchip Batch Tool

Steps by Steps guidelines to flash VEOLO 4K ROM using Rockchip Tool on your Windows XP/7/8/10 Computer or Laptop.

Download fuzhou rockchip others driver download

Step1: Download Rockchip flash Tool and Unzip the downloaded tool.

Step2: Download also the latest VEOLO4K firmware 0n your Android model and Unpack the downloaded firmware file.

Download fuzhou rockchip others driver download

Step3: There are 2 sub-folders, Go to BatchTool folder and run ‘RKBatchTool.exe’.

Rockchip Driver Installer

Step4: Open tool, This program running on your Windows Computer or laptop.

Step5: Click FV Path tab (firmware select path) and browse it, select a VEOLO4K.img file from firmware folder, where you save this file.

Step6: Installing your Android model support USB Driver on your Laptop or computer, So Select to the RK_DriverAssitant folder and double-click ‘DriverInstall.exe’ file to run driver installation.

Step7: If the USB drivers are installed correctly, Device Manager will show the following:

Step8: Close ‘Device Manager’ on your PC and Rockchip Batch Tool will show 1 Connected Devices, ready for firmware installation via Micro USB cable.

Step9: Click on Restore tab to start the installation, Installation of the VEOLO 4K firmware will take approx 4 to 6 minutes (Please wait for the Restore process to complete).

Step10: After installation completes, your device will disconnect from the PC and the green box will not be highlighted. Now the device will begin to flash and reboot with your new firmware on it!

See Video: How To Flash SmartPhone From PC Using Rockchip Tool


Video tutorials for Any Android Device.

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Inpotant Note:

a. It is also Connect Micro-B USB header to the Micro USB port labeled ‘OTG’ on the player.
b. It is also Connect the other USB-A header to your Computer USB Host port.
c. Switch off the main switch to the AC/DC adapter and connect also the AC/DC adapter to VEOLO 4K.
d. Press and hold the ‘Recovery’ button underneath your VEOLO 4K.
e. Switch on the main power to the AC/DC adapter. Wait for 5 seconds and release the ‘Recovery’ button on the player.
f. Go to Device Manager of your computer and you will notice an unknown device entry.

How to Backup and Restore data

Download Fuzhou Rockchip Others Driver Installer

Visit google play store and download Super Backup and Restore application (Apps) click here,
Install apps your Android Device => open Super Backup and Restore application.
Save Backup file your sdcard.
After flash, Restore saved file from your sd-card memory.

Download Fuzhou Rockchip Others Driver Windows 7

Fuzhou Rockchip Inc.

Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics

Rockchip Batch Tool has become the best IMG firmware flashing tool that helps you android Rockchipset mobile or tablet, You will upgrade the firmware any android system with PC computer. So Rockchip allows you to use a firmware upgrade of your Android mobile or tablet phones without any restrictions.

If you ever were already searching for the Rockchip Tool for your Rockchipset phones, then these pages might be extremely helpful to you actually. Here the direct download Rockchip tool link for the latest version.

Rockchip Tool Download all versions

RockChip v1.8
RockChip v1.7
RockChip v1.5

Download Fuzhou Rockchip Others Driver

Flashing with Computer has become the best Rootkitset tool that helps you firmware upgrade a android set, You will Flash the android devices with your computer. So Rockchip Batch Tool can detect multiple devices automatically. upgrade firmware file for Android devices. if you don’t have one (1), it differs from each Rockchipset devices.

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1. Download RockChip on your PC (Download link are available).
2. Save and extract.
3. Install RKBatchTool exe on your computer.
4. Download and Install ADB Driver.
5. Open, RKBatchTool.
6. Click FW Path (right side)
7. Select and added the firmware file, RockChip will load it.
8. Turn Off your mobile or tablet.
9. Volume UP Key Press and Hold on your android devices and connect it to the PC with USB cable.
10. Icon 1 turns Green Color then release the Volume UP Key.
11. Click, Restore Button to begin the Firmware flash process (5-6 minutes).
12. Flashing is completed then open Message Restore Done Success.
13. Reboot your device.

Failed!!!! RKBatchTool flashing Failed, in this problem relaunch RKBatchTool a second time and select the same flashing method and exploit.

Download Fuzhou Rockchip Others Driver Download

* Others Tools: If you are searching for the Others Chipset Devices flash tool, Then downlod MTK devices Imei tool SN Write Tool pages.

Rockchip Driver Windows 10

!! Important !!
If you use RockChip for PC to Flashing your Android mobile, then your personal data including Contacts, Applications and etc Loss Process.
Make a backup of your devices.
Be careful Read and then do it.
We will not responsible if you make any/all mistake or bricked your mobile or tablet.
Credits: Fuzhou Rockchip Inc.

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