Download Efjohnson Network & Wireless Cards Driver

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  1. Download Efjohnson Network & Wireless Cards Drivers


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  • Interface Cable Tester 1.0
    This is a small utility I wrote to test the interface cables used to program Yaesu and Icom radios (it will not work with cables for other radios). If the cable won't pass this test, then it definitely won't work with any of the Commander software.
  • 2
    FTBVX3J 1.0
    A memory management program for the Yaesu VX-3 Japanese model handheld transceiver. Main features: - backup/restore the cloneable memory - modify memory definitions - add and delete memory definitions - manage which memories are in which banks - sort ...
  • 3
    FTBCAT 2.0
    A CAT control program for Yaesu FT-450, FT-817/ND, FT-847, FT-857/D, FT-897/D, FT-920, FT-1000MP Mark V transceivers, VR-5000 and FRG-100 receivers. This program does not perform management of any memory that is present in the hardware of the supported ...
  • FTB8800 1.5
    FTB8800 is a memory management program for the Yaesu FT-8800 transceiver. It enables you to: backup/restore the cloneable memory, modify memory definitions, add and delete memory definitions, manage which memories are in which banks, sort memories by ...
  • 5
    CQLog 1.3
    The program also offers a 'contest-mode'; supports CAT systems for YAESU, ICOM, KENWOOD, Ten-Tec. Prints QSL cards, QSL labels, addresses envelopes and much more. CQLog is fully compatible with the CQ Callbook program.
  • 6
    VX-7 Commander 1.3
    If you own the VX-7R transceiver, which is the first amateur handheld to be submersible, you may wish to modify it to enable transmission on MARS and CAPS frequencies. You can do this in two ways, using a hardware method or a software method. Using the ...
  • 7
    FT-60 Commander 1.0
    The dual band FT-60 handheld transceiver for amateur radio enthusiasts, first released in 2004, is still very popular because of its wide-coverage receiver, 2-meter VHF band and 70-centimeter UHF band. This handheld transceiver features 1000 memories ...
  • 8
    VX-6 Commander 0.2
    VX-6 Commander features: - Read/Write to the radio - Edit/Move/Cut/Copy/Paste main memory channels, scan edge memories - Edit Direct Recall Memories, Home Memories, VFOs - Edit Memory Banks - Edit Set Mode Settings - Import/Export CSVs - Sort memories ...
  • 9
    nGenLog 1.0
    nGenLog is the next generation logging software for radio amateurs which is designed to work in the future. A living project that utilizes the latest programming technics to supply a stable, functional and easy to use program for your logging experience.
  • 10
    POWER-trak 3.0
    POWER-trak™ is a professional, real-time fleet management software system utilizing some of today’s most advanced technology. This innovative solution gives you the power to do everything from vehicle tracking, two-way messaging, ...
  • 11
    Swisslog 5.8
    Most Important SWISSLOG Functions - Add QSO's - Edit and Delete QSO's - Print Logbook - Transceiver Control - Rotor-Control (ARS from EA4TX, Hy-Gain, Yaesu, Sartek) - Integrated Telnet and Internet Support - DX-Cluster Support -- Interfaces ...
  • 12
    PstRotator 6.9
    PstRotator is a program for antenna rotators control. It works with a wide variety of rotators, supports a lot of loggers, DX cluster clients, satellites and moon trackers, and supports multiuser remote operation over the Internet. The user interface ...
  • 13
    PstRotatorAz 6.6
    The PstRotatorAz program can control a Yagi and a bi-directional rotary dipole on the same rotator, with the dipole in line with the Yagi's boom (90° offset from Yagi heading). This mode is BD-90. A second bidirectional mode (BD-0) supports ...
  • 14
    CN8HB's CAT-1000 1.1
    CN8HB's CAT-1000 is a free software utility that allows you to control your FT-1000MP (also Mark-V) from your computer.This software application allows you to save and restore the memory bank to a file, adjust the EDSP features parameters, record ...
  • 15
    FCCLookup 5.1
    Standard Features: -Look-up of US call signs -Wild card searches on US call signs -US zipcode database current as of Dec 2009 -Manual and automatic download of Master FCC Database -Mini Internet Callsign Server -Geographic coordinates computed based ...
  • 16
    FT920CAT 1.0
    FT920CAT is a nice and easy to install utility. If you love listen to radio, this software is perfect for you. It has allot of features and an interesting interface which makes it more attractive. You can manipulate the beat frequency very easy and quick.
  • 17
    DStar Comms 1.1
    Your premier software solution for communicating via the serial port on your ICOM D-Star enabled Amateur radios. Dstar Comms can be used for email deployment, GPS Tracking, reliable communication plus much more! Main features: - Send and Receive Text ...
  • 18
    Ham Radio Deluxe 5.1
    It offers support to Yaesu, ICOM, Elecraft, Ten-Tec FlexRadio, and Kenwood along with more, and the complete list is available in the user community. Its salient features and benefits include built-in logbook, Favorites, Integrated DX cluster, Customizable ...
  • 19
    VX-2 Commander 1.1
    Main features : - Edit/Move/Cut/Copy/Paste main memory channels and scan edge memories - Edit Memory Banks - Perform MARS/CAP and Freeband mods via software - Import/Export CSVs - Sort memories by tag or freq - Print memories - Import ARRL TravelPlus ...
  • 20
    PCConfigure 2.1
    EFJohnson's PC Configure software is the most user-friendly programming software for public safety and service radio users. Program all of your EFJohnson mobile and portable radios quickly and easily with the same software package. Minimize your ...
  • 21
    CQ Callbook 2.5
    CQ Callbook offers you instant access to current information on DXers, their QSL managers and addresses. Also gives you acces to DXCC lists, details of QSL bureaus, callsign prefixes, and a lot of other helpful HAM-information at your finger tips. The ...
  • 22
    Sunrise Sunset 2.1
    Sunrise Sunset is a program very easy to use.On the first run you will need to set your location on the configuration page. You can either input your latitude and longitude, or your Maidenhead Grid locator. One will compute the other. Select the unit ...
  • 23
    TRX-Manager 4.6
    TRX-manager supports almost all the functions of up to 80 transceivers fully integrated in a comprehensive package for Radio Amateurs. TRX-Manager implements all these functions in conjunction with very fast monitoring and easier, more effective SW Listening, ...
  • 24
    ARSVCOM 1.0
    It also allows you to add a Virtual Com Port and emulate via this virtual com some other rotator models as Yaesu, Create, etc In this way, if your some program that supports some of those rotators, but are not supporting a Prosistel, will work with ...
  • Download Efjohnson Network & Wireless Cards Drivers

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