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DigiPro2 Software Applications

With a PC or a notebook, you can parameterize the devices via the interfaces and export and visualize the fault data. DIGSI 5 comes in different variants (Compact, Standard, and Premium) that provide different functionalities. ASUS DGSI driver for Windows 7: ASUS DGSI driver for Windows XP: ASUS Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio: ASUS Version: ASUS Version: ASUS Version: Asus Windows 95/98 Audio VxDPCI Audio v4.06.1096: ASUS Xonar D1 Audio: ASUS Xonar D1 Audio Device: ASUS Xonar D1 Audio Device v5. Download ASUS Xonar DG SI Audio Driver Beta for Windows 10 (Sound Card). It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Windows XP 64 bit.

DigiPro2 software manages inclinometer data, generates plots and reports, and provides corrections for systematic errors.

DigiPro2 replaces the original DigiPro and DMM, merging their functions into a single program that feels familiar, but is easier to use.

Unlike DMM and DigiPro1, DigiPro2 is written in a modern programming language and is guaranteed to run on modern versions of Windows, effectively future proofing your inclinometer data. Click here to see a full comparison chart between the two programs.

Productivity Features

Complete Solution: DigiPro2 does the work previously done by two programs, DMM and DigiPro. It is no longer necessary to use one program for retrieving data and another program for graphing data.

Easy Plotting: DigiPro2 generates plots with just a few clicks, automatically including the most recent surveys in the plot.

Reusable Plots: DigiPro can save plot settings for reuse. This saves time and ensures consistent presentations.

Interactive Corrections: DigiPro2 displays corrections instantly, allowing quick iteration of correction values until the right ones are found.

Easy Viewing: DigiPro2 optimizes plots to fit the display. It eliminates extraneous white space to display the largest plots possible.

Digsi 5 device driver download

Database Management

Readout Support: DigiPro2 communicates directly with the Digitilt DataMate and provides complete support for the Digitilt AT Reader.

Database Manager: DigiPro2 stores surveys in a database for easy access later. Create any number of databases and then inspect, copy, and move surveys and inclinometers between them.

Import Formats: DigiPro2 can convert or import DMM databases. It can also import survey data in DUX, GTL, GKM, RPP, PC-SLIN, RST, M-Logger, and certain CSV files.

Export Formats: DigiPro2 can export survey data as CSV, DUX, and GTL files; plotted data in TXT, CSV, Atlas formats; and plots as JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image files.

Download Dgsi Driver Training

Plot Types: DigiPro2 provides full support for both vertical and horizontal inclinometers. Supported plots include:

  • Change in Profile (cumulative displacement)
  • Change in Tilt (incremental displacement)
  • Time vs Displacement
  • Profile (cumulative deviation)
  • Tilt ( incremental deviation)
  • Checksums & Difference Checksums
  • Magnitude & Direction
  • Top View (Plan View)
  • Spiral

Survey Selection: Surveys can be selected automatically or manually. In automatic selection, you specify a number of recent surveys and an initial survey. You can explicitly include or exclude other surveys, as well.

Digsi 4 Device Drivers Download

Data Units: Readings in the database are shown in sine units, mm, or inches. Plotted readings are shown in mm or inches.

Depth Units: Depths can be shown as depths or elevations in feet or meters. You can apply offsets so that depths and elevations are referenced to ground level. You can also toggle an adjustment to ensure that data are plotted at the top or bottom of an interval.

Boring Log: DigiPro2 can represent boring log information in the background of a plot, either as a narrow column or the full width of the plot.

Field Accuracy: The limits of field accuracy can be shown on a plot.

Correction routines can improve the presentation and understanding of data.

  • Routines affecting single surveys are bias-shift, rotation, and sensitivity corrections, which are related to the inclinometer probe, and translation corrections, which are related to the inclinometer casing.
  • Routines that affect all surveys for a particular inclinometer are orientation correction and spiral correction. Orientation correction can help when casing grooves are not aligned with the real direction of movement. Spiral correction can help when casing was twisted during installation.

Page Layout: Paper size, paper orientation, margins, plot size and placement have default settings that can be changed for individual reports. You can specify one, two, or more plots per page, so long as they belong to the same inclinometer. Title blocks can be placed at the bottom or top of the page.

Graph Labels: You can replace the default labels with your own. You can change fonts and font sizes. You can set legends to show date-only or date-and-time, and you can choose automatic or manual placement of the legends.

Download Dgsi Driver Software

Title Block and Logo: The title block provides one or more columns of data with font control for each column. Logos can be PNG or JPG images. DigiPro2 autosizes the height but maintains aspect ratio of these images.

DigiPro2 runs on XP, Win7, and later versions of Windows. It uses the Microsoft SQL Express engine. The new database files have a DPW extension.

DigiPro2 can convert a DMM database into a DigiPro2 database, keeping the same name but adding a .dpw extension. It can also import DMM data into an existing DigiPro2 database.

Download a trial version of DigiPro2 here. The trial version runs for 45 days as 'DigiPro2 Advanced' and then reverts to 'DigiPro2 Basic,' with all advanced features disabled. DigiPro2 Basic is free to use and provides DataMate communications, database management, and simple plotting. Advanced features can be restored at any time by entering a valid license key code.

Download Dgsi Driver Updater

For More Information

Please download the datasheet for DigiPro2 Inclinometer Software.

Download Dgsi Driver Registration

DigiPro2 Software Specifications

DigiPro2 SoftwareDownload
DigiPro License Key50310101
DigiPro2 software must be downloaded from the Slope Indicator website. It is not available on CD.
DigiPro2 runs in advanced mode for 45 days and then reverts to basic mode if no key is purchased. It continues to work, but all advanced features are disabled. A comparison of advanced and basic features is available at the Slope Indicator website
To retain the advanced features, a license key must be purchased. The purchaser receives the license key by email and enters it into DigiPro2’s
license dialog. The program performs a one-time validation of the key via the internet and then permanently enables the advanced features.

Digsi Driver Download

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