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Universal BDM100 ECU Programmer

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BDM100 ECU Programmer is a universal reader/programmer (it does not require our RACE software necessarily) that allows the user to read and program files in the ECU supplied with MOTOROLA MPC5xx processor (essential).
BDM100 PROGRAMMER Technical Service,user maual,BMW100 software, BDM100 FAQ.
Free download:Dimsport
bdm100 ecu tuning software download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1w10tc616wd43u7
Please take easy to download our available attachments, these downloading link don’t contains attacking virus,they are safe to your cumputer. If the anti-virus software test any of our attachment (especially .exe .zip .rar) containing virus,take easy, please uninstall or exit anti-virus software before download files, otherwise these .exe .zip files may be attacked/broken before you run them.

Dimsport Driver Download Windows 7

BDM100 FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the version of this product?

A: The version of this product is V1255.

BDM100 customer question:


Well, i'm from Egypt, shipping cost from China to Egypt about 50$ and from Egypt to China 110$, i don't know why.

When i received the BDM100, it was not working, When i plug the device into the USB port of the PC, the PC sees the device as CLONE and it does not work at all. Also the driver was not working.

I check with someone there her name is Nancy, she sent me another version of the software but it was the same problem. So she said you can send us the device to your account and we can fix it and send it back to your account this means i will pay 160$ to have this TOY fixed, however there should be something like guarantee for 1 year as they said. The price for BDM is 90$ can you imagine that i paid 50$ for shipping from China to Egypt then i should pay 160$ to have another toy, meaning 210$!!!!

I told her this is not a professional way, give me the contact of your manager, she told me some bad words and i decided to scandalize them everywhere.
That's it

Dimsport Driver Download Windows 10

Dimsport Driver DownloadDownload


If you look in some forums many people have had problems with BDM100 interface. You must use only version dimsport or mpcprog version 1241.
The newest version like 1255a have a killcode and when connect the interface, the mpcprog reprogram the eeproms inside then the interface don't work anymore.
The interface tell you clone!
You need only 2 files for reprogram the eproms inside.
That's all and BDM100 work again.


1. Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note,anti-virus software can flag up BDM100 PROGRAMMER software as having a virus. This is a false positive and is due to the software containing the application file. So Before setup the device software, please disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a more reliable free virus scanner! Our BDM100 PROGRAMMER software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

Dimsport Driver Download

If the software data is destroyed or lost because you forget to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, please contact our customer service, we arrange to resend you CD or send you the software via internet.

2. Required windows operation system is windows XP
Be sure to setup and run the device software under windows XP. Otherwise the device software and program can be broken or it will fail to work.

Dimsport Driver Download
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