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This program package enables the use of a Playstation Portable as an additional monitor in Windows. You can also remotely send keyboard and mouse commands to the PC. The newest version implements sound streaming, too.

E) Updated windows Direct3D video rendering. Support for multiple color formats rendering and color space conversion. F) Fixed the issue that the AVCapture saved flv files with wrong number of frames in the attribute. G) Updated AVCapture2. Add support to audio enumeration and switch of audio input channel. H) Add function to MultiAudioCapture.

PSPdisp is compromised of four components, on Windows a display driver, an usb driver and the interface application which captures the screen, compresses it and sends it over USB or WLAN to the PSP. On the PSP side there is an application that decompresses the frames and displays them.

  • Available on Datapath's VSN and iolite range of video wall controllers, WallControl 10 allows users to easily control output sources such as IP feeds, video captures and local applications. These sources can be controlled by WallControl 10 when the most elaborate and complex wall scenarios are required.
  • Drivers Special multi-screen display driver for use with Windows 10 64bit. The function of the display driver is to present one large desktop to the Windows operating system. The multi-screen driver will support up to a maximum of 64 screens. Order Code: ImageDP4+/ HDMI Wall Control Datapath Wall Control software enables you to simply launch.
You need a Custom Firmware, Homebrew Enabler or Half Byte Loader to run PSPdisp. It should be compatible with any version from at least 3.40 OE on. If you are looking for a Custom Firmware to convert your PSP to, you might want either 5.50 GEN D3 or 5.00 M33-6. If your PSP 2000/3000 got 5.03 official firmware, get ChickHEN. For firmware 6.20 or lower you can use TN HEN 6.20.
HEN 6.35 PRO note (does not apply to PRO-B):
Due to a bug in the HEN it is necessary to remove or rename the file 'kernel.prx' in the PSPdisp folder. Otherwise you won't be able to navigate the menu.
Half Byte Loader note:
PSPdisp is not compatible with Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, Everybody's Golf or Minna No Golf due to lack of network support.

In general the installer must be run with administrator privileges. The necessary drivers cannot be installed as a standard user.

Your CPU should be at least a Pentium 4 or Athlon 64 class processor. A multicore processor is recommended.

The installer will detect your operating system and automatically only install available features. Look at this handy table to see what features are usable on your system:
Feature2000XPXP x64VistaVista x6477 x64Starter8 / 8.110
Display streamingYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Extended displayYesYesYesYes*(Yes)*Yes*(Yes)*NoNoNo
Audio streaming
with StereoMix device
Audio streaming
without StereoMix device
USB mode with libusbYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes(Yes)(Yes)
USB mode with WinUSBNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
WLAN modeYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

*When the extended desktop is used, only the 'Basic' or 'Classic' Window theme is available.
This feature is available without any restrictions.
This feature is only available if the driver signature enforcement is deactived. See here.
This feature is not available at all for the platform.

Datapath Driver Download For Windows 108

Download the installer package below and execute it. The installer works for all supported platforms and will install the correct 32 bit or 64 bit drivers.
If you want to manually install the drivers, you can extract the setup files with an unzip tool (like 7zip). This will leave some files in the wrong folder, so this is only recommended if you know what you are doing.
Important! If you uninstall a previous version you have to restart the computer before starting the new setup. Otherwise the new display driver will be uninstalled on the next restart and you have to install it again!
Note that the usb, the display and the SideShow driver are not WHQL certified. Windows will present you with a security warning because of that.
There is one video showing the installation process of v0.4 and two showing v0.2 available on Youtube:
Installation of v0.4 on Windows 7 x64
Installation of v0.2 on Windows XP
Installation of v0.2 on Windows Vista
Setup for audio streaming

Demo video

A video demonstrating the new features in v0.5 is embedded below.
The videos for v0.3 / v0.4 , v0.2 and v0.1 are still available on my Youtube channel .

This software is licensed under the BSD license. Download is available as an installer which performs all necessary steps. There is only one setup file for all supported operating systems. Full source code is included.

PSPdisp_v0.6.1_setup_all_platforms.exe (7759 KiB)

Older unsupported versions:
PSPdisp_v0.6_setup_all_platforms.exe (7729 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.5.1_setup_all_platforms.exe (7646 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.5_setup_all_platforms.exe (7593 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.4_setup_all_platforms.exe (7720 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.3_setup_all_platforms.exe (1291 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.2_setup_all_platforms.exe (677 KiB)
PSPdisp_v0.1_setup.exe (449 KiB)


Bug fixes:
- added awareness of Windows 8/8.1/10 to the installer
- updated libusb driver to the latest version
New features:
- settings can be saved in 'presets'
- multiple instances of PSPdisp can be started to connect more than one PSP in WLAN mode
- support for Wake-On-Lan
- WLAN LED can be switched off
Bug fixes:
- not being able to restart USB mode on 6.20 TN-C
- backlight turning off completely in USB power save mode instead of dimming on new PSP models
- freezing when changing PC settings from the PSP while in USB mode with libusb
- fixed 12 hour clock display
- various other fixes
New features on the PSP:
- support for Half Byte Loader, but with these limitations
-- only WLAN mode usable, no USB mode
-- image streaming is about 30-50 % slower than on Custom Firmware
-- audio sample rates other than 44 kHz not available on all firmwares
-- screen brightness cannot be changed through the menu
-- HOME button must be pressed twice for the menu to appear
New features on the PC:
- libusb driver updated to the latest version, it now works on 64 bit systems with active driver signature enforcement
New features on the PSP:
- new menu system
- all options can be customized in the menu
- it is now possible to switch between WLAN and USB mode without restarting the game
- up to 5 server IP addresses can be stored
- more CPU speed options
- screen brightness can be fully customized
- most PC settings can now be changed from the PSP
New features on the PC:
- WLAN and USB mode can be enabled at the same time
- new option for scaling the mouse cursor
- new viewport sizes for magnifying the screen content (2x, 4x, 8x)
- basic password system for WLAN mode
- restructured menu with less submenus
- display driver now working on 32 and 64 Bit Vista / 7 (Aero Glass theme will be disabled)
- audio streaming now possible in SideShow mode and when display streaming is disabled
- audio sample rate can now be configured (11 kHz, 22 kHz and 44 kHz)
- new option for less CPU intensive, but also less pretty image stretching
- new control file option for simulating a double click
Bug fixes:
- restored functionality on 3.71 M33 and 5.50 GEN-B
- various other small fixes
New features:
- new USB driver based on WinUSB, that is compatible with 64 Bit versions of Windows (no driver signature check problem)
- previous libusb based USB driver still supported
- new audio recording mode for Vista / Windows 7 which uses software loopback, no longer requiring a 'Stereomix' or 'What you hear' device
- increased USB transfer speeds (60 fps reachable with all compression quality settings)
- new 'Uncompressed' quality mode, doesn't apply any compression to the images resulting in less CPU load and best image quality
- PSP CPU speed now configurable for USB mode
- increased character limit for the IP address / server name dialog
- IP address is now also shown on the WLAN tab of the options window
- audio streaming can now be completely disabled in case of problems
- new option to hide the mouse cursor on inactivity
- new control file option for analog mouse cursor movement with the analog stick
- added intaller option for creating a Windows-Firewall exception for PSPdisp
Bug fixes:
- CPU speed control for WLAN mode fixed
- fixed WLAN timeout problem mentioned in the v0.3 known issues
- PSPdisp now stays in SideShow mode when the screen resolution or geometry changes
- various interface bugs fixed
- rapidly enabling/disabling or attaching/detaching of the PSP in USB mode would trigger an exception
New features:
- SideShow driver for Vista and Windows 7
- speed improvements / CPU load reduction
- CPU load reduction (down to 0 % without screen changes) when using the PSPdisp display driver
- rotation is now performed on the PSP, no increase in CPU load on the PC
- quality and delay settings now customizable through the UI
- completely revamped Wlan mode (switched server to the PC, can now recover from a lost connection etc.)
- added option to disable display streaming (only transmitting controls)
- new option to always switch the PSP display to the screen containing the mouse cursor
- new control file command to display an onscreen keyboard for entering text on the PSP
- new control file command to display the PSPdisp menu at the current mouse position
- added support for the assignment of key combinations to PSP buttons (e.g. ALT+F4 can be mapped to one button)
- various settings regarding PSP power saving in USB mode (turning off screen, reducing clock speed, etc. after a user defined idle timeout)
- PSP clockspeed can be configured for Wireless LAN mode (default, 111, 222, 333 Mhz)
- all user defined files (configuration data and control files) now stored in the application data path
- experimental audio streaming
Bug fixes:
- case of analog stick movements not being registered
- the two longest delay settings are now clickable
- 'grab transparent windows' now actually works (only for 480x272 viewport)
Known issues:
- there are cases where the PSP waits for a Wlan timeout infinitly, making it seem to hang without any message (always fixed by restarting the PSP game, often fixed by turning the Wlan switch off and on again)
- audio will stutter if data cannot be transmitted fast enough either because of the network conditions or low PC specs
- some applications issue drawing commands without apparent screen changes, in that case there is no CPU load reduction available when using the PSPdisp display driver
New features:
- can now mirror any existing display
- works on 64 bit systems now
- display driver for Windows XP x64
- display driver supports several display modes from 480x272 to 1920x1080
- all resolutions also available rotated by 90° (portrait mode)
- additional 'Follow mouse' mode
- selectable viewport size for 'Follow mouse' and 'Static' view
- viewport may be rotated by 90, 180 or 270 degree
- reacts on display settings changes, no restart necessary
- multi-threaded, opening the menue will no longer freeze the display
- PSP can be unplugged and replugged while PSPdisp is enabled
- added option to automatically enable PSPdisp when the PSP is plugged in
- installer can now copy the game files to the PSP
- mapping mouse and keyboard buttons to the PSP controls
- experimental Wlan support
Bug fixes:
- installer bug marking the display driver for uninstall
- stuttering display on some usb chipsets
- 'libusb0.dll not found' error when the usb driver is only preinstalled
- display miniport driver failing to load on Windows 2000 (Thanks Raul!)
- failure to retrieve the display positions when enabling the PSPdisp display the first time
Known issues:
- if the Wlan connection is interrupted it will hang the PSP and Windows application
- enabling PSP control may interfere with mouse and keyboard operation

Initial release.

PSP issues
'The game could not be started' or 'Corrupted data'
You are using an official firmware. PSPdisp will only work when you have a custom firmware installed or are using a homebrew enabler (HEN).
PSPdisp is copied to the 1.50 kernel game folder. Either move it to the newer kernel game folder or change the folder assignment in the recovery menu. For PSPdisp v0.4 and below: If you are using 5.50 GEN-B this error also occurs. It is fixed in GEN-B2. Both versions report as '5.50 GEN-B (Full)' in the system information, so they cannot be distinguished there.
Make sure the file 'usbhostfs.prx' exists in the PSPdisp game folder. Disable all usb related plugins. Make sure you are not running the game from the 1.50 kernel game folder.
This occurs mostly in situations with low WLAN signal strength. Most of the time turning the WLAN switch off and on again fixes the problem (PSPdisp should display the connection dialog). If not you have to restart the PSPdisp game.
You are overloading the sound card recording input. Lower the playback volume in whatever program you use or lower the recording volume in the sound card settings.

Datapath Driver Download For Windows 1000

[Windows 8/8.1/10] After installing an older of version of PSPdisp two 'unknown devices' show up in the device manager
Starting with Windows 8 the support for SideShow devices was removed by Microsoft, therefore the installation of the respective PSPdisp SideShow driver fails and leaves a device without installed driver behind. Similarily non-WDDM display driver can no longer be used on Windows 8 and higher. Because the PSPdisp display driver is such an unsupported driver the installation fails with the same effect as for the SideShow driver. To remove the devices, simply right-click on them in the device manager and choose the uninstall option.
[all os] The USB driver cannot be installed / Windows detects an unknown device when plugging in the PSP
The reason are invalid values in your PSPs idstorage (an area in flash memory that stores various system settings). The idstorage values can become corrupt from using an old downgrader. You can check the validity and apply fixes if necessary through Chilly Willys Keycleaner or DC8.
WARNING: Only use Keycleaner on a fully hackable PSP 1000 or 2000. Do NOT use it on a 3000 or Go as it may cause irreparable damage to the system. Thanks Sebastian for this tip!
[all os] Fullscreen games are only partially drawn / flicker
PSPdisp cannot accurately capture games runnning in fullscreen mode. There will inevitably be artifacts like partially drawn scenes and flickering. This can only be avoided by running games in windowed mode and using PSPdisp with static viewport.
You cannot use the overlay video renderer with PSPdisp. If possible, switch to either VMR 7 or VMR 9 rendering in your playback program. Overlay video will never work.
[64 bit Vista/Win7] The USB driver is not working
The following advice is for version prior to v0.5.1. Starting with that version both the libusb and the WinUSB driver can be used on 64 bit Vista and Windows 7 PCs without deactivating the driver signature enforcement.
You are using a version of PSPdisp prior to v0.4. You should upgrade or if you need the specific version follow the advice here. These Windows versions will disable unsigned drivers. There are workarounds available, see these two links: or (thanks Gerald!). I recommend you first disable the signature check on startup by pressing F8 and choosing the corresponding boot menu entry before installing any of the linked software.Then try using the USB mode and see if it works. If everything turns out ok, you can install Readydriver Plus which will do the same, only automatically.
[Vista/Win7] The PSP cannot be used as an extended screen
This is no longer true, starting with v0.5 the PSPdisp display driver will also be installed on Windows Vista and 7. When it is enabled, the desktop composition will not be available and is deactivated. PSPdisp automatically re- activates it when disabling the display again.
Note: The display is not shown in the Windows display properties, you can only change the position in PSPdisp by clicking on 'Display device' -> 'Change position'.
[64 bit Vista/Win7] The PSPdisp display driver does not appear in the display list
You have to disable the driver signature enforcement. Either press F8 on startup (right after the bios screen) and choose the option to start with disabled driver signature enforcement or use Readydriver Plus. NOTE: Testsigning the PSPdisp display driver appears to be possible but due to unknown reasons the driver doesn't work properly.
[Vista/Win7] Opening some dialog windows disables PSPdisps remote control functions
By default, PSPdisp runs with standard user privileges. This means it can only direct key presses and mouse movements to windows, that are accessible to the current user. If you open a dialog that requires administrative privileges, PSPdisps control functions are disabled while the window is active. This can be circumvented by running PSPdisp as administrator.
[XP/2003] Blue screen (BSOD) when enabling the secondary display

Download For Windows 10 Free

There is a bug in Windows that produces a BSOD under certain circumstances when extending the desktop to a secondary monitor. This error is not specific to PSPdisp, but will also occur when using multiple graphic adapters. Please refer to Microsoft knowledge base article 959252 to download the hotfix. Reboot the maybe unbootable PC in safe mode and manually delete the PSPdisp display driver in the device manager. After applying the hotfix you can install the display driver again.
Windows gives warnings that the drivers are not certified
This is normal, none of the drivers shipped with PSPdisp is digitally signed or WHQL certified.
The installer cannot copy the game files to the PSP
You can do this manually after setup has completed. The files are by default located in 'C:Program files (x86)PSPdispbinpspPSPGAME'. Copy the folder 'PSPdisp' containing 'EBOOT.PBP' and 'USBHOSTFS.PRX' to your PSPs game folder.
Does this work in 64 Bit Windows Vista / Windows 7?
Yes, there is no difference in functionality between 32 and 64 Bit versions of Vista / 7. From v0.4 on you don't have to disable the driver signature enforcement anymore to use the USB mode. For older version, read the troubleshooting section for instructions.
The installer doesn't include all necessary files!
Wrong. Everything is included in the installer. You don't have to download any other files. Read the troubleshooting section if there is a problem with e.g. the driver installation.
I don't have a WLAN router. Can PSPdisp be used with an Adhoc network?

Datapath Driver Download For Windows 10 Pro

No. Even though you can connect a PSP to Windows via an Adhoc network, you cannot transmit any data as the Adhoc mode on the PSP uses encryption and a custom network protocol that is undocumented.
Can the PSP slim be charged while using PSPdisp?
Yes. Not through PSPdisp itself, but if you are running a Custom Firmware from 3.71 M33-2 on there is an option in the recovery menu that can enable charging every time the USB cord is plugged in.
Users of older firmwares may find the NOObz! PSP Slim USB Charger Plugin useful.
Will there ever be a WDDM display driver for Vista?
I don't think so. Vista display drivers are harder to create and even if I wrote one it could not be enabled besides an existing graphics card(refer to 'MultiMonitor Support and Windows Vista' for further information). There must be a way to circumvent this Vista limitation (as shown by a commercial USB display manufacturer), but I don't know how.
For Vista users, is there any other way to get an extended screen on the PSP that supports the Windows Aero theme with desktop composition?
If you have a graphics card with two monitor outputs you can make a VGA dummy plug. Put it on your free VGA output and Windows should detect a secondary monitor. It is also possible to just plug the three 75 Ohm resistors into a DVI-to-VGA adapter that is included with most (if not all) graphics cards.
NOTE: Use the resistors, some sites will claim it also works by just shorting together the pins with three pieces of wire, but this is not the correct way to do it and may either not work or even damage your graphics card. If you cannot find 75 Ohm resistors, use values within a 10 % range around it (68 and 82 Ohm are common values).
I have installed a dummy plug, but how can I set the resolution to 480x272?
Windows doesn't allow resolution below 640x480 through it's graphical interface. This also holds true for tools bundled with graphics card drivers.
First of all you have to create a custom resolution of 480x272 and 32 Bit color depth in your graphics card utilities (this is possible for nVidia cards, probably also for ATI). Then set the resolution by using a third party utility like Display Changer.
Datapath driver download for windows 10 laptop
Will there be a version for Mac OS X / Linux / etc.?
Not from me. The download includes the complete source code, though. So if anyone wants to port PSPdisp, just go ahead. While all functions for acquiring the display contents and the GUI are platform specific to Windows, the data transmission is done using standard socket API and libusb, so they should be fairly portable.
Are you planning to write a plugin for LCDStudio etc.?
Since the source code to the display drivers of these packages is not open source: probably not.

Datapath Driver Download For Windows 10 3 8 5

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